Canadian Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductee October 30,2004  
George Myren knows how to keep good company; in the record books at least, Myren's name appears in the top five, sixteen times between 1955 and 1965 in the saddle bronc, bareback and all-around categories in Canadian Professional Rodeo. Listed among rodeo greats such as Reg Kesler, Winston Bruce, Keith Hyland and the legendary Kenny McLean, Myren let those greats keep company with him on three different occasions. He was named Canadian all-around champion in 1960 and '63 and Canadian bareback champion in 1961, as well as high point champion that same year.  
Myren was born in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan and raised in Viking, Alberta. George entered his first rodeo in Holden, Alberta. He joined the CPA in 1953 placing eight times in the bareback riding that year. Myren also loved to ride saddle broncs and won his first cheque in that event at Stettler, Alberta in 1954. A true all around competitor, Myren entered every event at many rodeos. In 1957, he won a cheque in every major event at the Bruce Stampede.  
George traveled throughout Canada and the US, competing at the big rodeos like Houston, Texas, where he rode the PRCA Bucking Horse of the Year, ‘Big John,’ owned by Harry Knight. In 1957, George served as bareback director of the CPA and in 1958 took a turn as saddle bronc director. George won three all-around championships at the famous Calgary Stampede in 1960, '61 and '62 and beat the world's best cowboys for the bareback riding title in 1961.  
Traveling and competing were enjoyable for George and he was highly popular among the cowboys. He continued to rodeo for 25 years and was so versatile that he won a tie down roping cheque for $216.00 at Benalto, Alberta in 1978.